May 2, 2003

Good Morning:

I don't believe I have ever encountered a more interesting, diverse and energetic group of people than when I hosted a special recognition dinner last week for employees who have worked at Tulane University for 25 years. It was an honor, a learning experience and a lot of fun to be in the presence of those who have meant so much to our institution for so long. These are the physicians, researchers, professors, managers, machinists, actors, librarians, electricians, secretaries, technicians, directors, supervisors and assistants without whom there would be no Tulane.

Wouldn't you agree that Tulane expertise, represented by many of the honored employees above, should benefit as many people as possible? That is the theme of a speech I recently gave at our health sciences center. In my talk I outlined the ways in which we are working to increase the level and pace of transferring Tulane research into the marketplace in the form of new drugs, medical devices, therapies and other technological innovations.

One major component of this effort is The BioInnovation Center, which will be completed in June of next year. Located in the Wirth Building on Canal Street, this center will lease lab space to pharmaceutical companies and other biotechnology enterprises. This will encourage biotechnolgy companies to locate in New Orleans, providing a market for Tulane-produced breakthroughs, jobs for Tulane graduates right here at home and benefits for all of society.

You can find out more about our plans in this area by viewing the text of my speech at

Have a great weekend,


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