April 29, 2005

Good Morning:

Higher education is all about creating opportunity, and Tulane University's capacity to do so recently increased with the announcement of a federal grant of more than $1 million for our Student Support Services program. Through tutoring and counseling this program helps first-generation, low-income college students overcome class, social and cultural barriers to graduation.

Student Support Services complements our Upward Bound program, which provides tutoring and counseling to help low-income students prepare for college. Statistics say that students in programs such as these are more than twice as likely to remain in college and graduate than those from similar backgrounds who do not participate in such programs.

Today we will honor U.S. Rep. William Jefferson at a special on-campus ceremony for his support of these and other federal initiatives that open the doors of higher education to all.

Through Upward Bound, Student Support Services and other efforts, such as the recruiting partnership between our School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine and Xavier University, Tulane is making steady progress, in strength and diversity, toward greatness.

Have a great weekend,


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