April 8, 2005

Good Morning:

All week long I have been reading and thinking about Pope John Paul II. His death has had a profound impact on so many people around the world, regardless of their religious affiliations or beliefs.

For me, the Pope’s contributions to the world community as a messenger of peace and hope have set an extraordinary example of leadership so desperately needed during these challenging times. As a world leader, his compassion,empathy, personal appeal and humanity left an indelible mark on millions, transcending anyone's faith, country of origin or station in life.

Of course, as with all great leaders, there are those who disagreed with the Pope on matters of philosophy and principles; yet, dissent is one of the inevitable consequences of leadership. Despite any differences one may have had with the Pope's views, his courage, ability to inspire and empower others, and his personal magnetism are qualities to be admired and emulated.

As we mourn the Pope’s death, I hope his memory becomes a lasting reminder of how one person can make such a difference for so many.


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