March 30, 2012
Good Morning:

This will be an unusually brief Tulane Talk because we are up to our ears with all the community events that are part of Final Four weekend, which officially started last night. We are so pleased that the national spotlight is again shining on New Orleans. I doubt there are many cities that can pull off an event of this magnitude with so much excitement and fun for everyone. You will be hearing about this for the next four days in all the national and local media.

In addition to preparing for the Final Four, several members of the senior leadership team, including me, met with student leaders this week to discuss topics of mutual interest. The topics ranged from crime and safety to tuition policies to the proposed new stadium. It was an extremely productive meeting and one I will write about in subsequent Tulane Talks this semester. These luncheons with student leaders occur every year and are an excellent forum for discussion of issues on the minds of students.

Next week there will be no Tulane Talk because of the holiday break, which begins on Friday. I wish you a peaceful and relaxing few days off.

Have a great weekend,


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