March 25, 2011


Good Morning:

It seems like CELT is everywhere. You probably have seen CELT flags, CELT banners and CELT t-shirts around campus. You may even have eaten a sno-ball, ice cream or other treat given to you in the name of CELT.

So what is CELT? CELT is the Center for Engaged Learning and Teaching, the newest center and concept at Tulane. While it is headquartered on the third floor of the Richardson Building, its presence is felt throughout the university in the culture of engaged learning we continue to build.

Through engaged learning, students actively participate in their education by helping to design courses of study and identifying ways to apply and complement what they learn in the classroom with real-life experience. Through CELT, students will have exciting research opportunities not often available to undergraduates, along with internships and the chance to use their knowledge and skills to find solutions to our most pressing social problems.

The SACS accreditation team will visit Tulane March 29-31, so if a team member asks if you know what CELT is, you will know the answer: CELT is Tulane's newest venture in engaging the world.

At CELT, faculty will find the tools to help them incorporate engaged learning practices into their classrooms and students will find research opportunities, experiential learning ventures and resources to help them change their world. You can learn more about CELT by visiting

Have a great weekend,


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