February 25, 2011

Good Morning:

Last Friday, a ruling by the Louisiana Supreme Court effectively ended litigation related to Tulane's consolidation of its seven separate undergraduate colleges, including Newcomb, into a single college for all undergraduates.

This decision came as women’s education continues to flourish at Tulane. Currently, we are processing applications for a fall 2011 first-year class that will be approximately 56 percent female. In addition, the Newcomb College Institute continues to offer a unique, women-centered educational experience in a coed institution, ensuring opportunities for all undergraduate women at the university, not just those in the liberal arts and sciences.

We are pleased that Newcomb has evolved over time, with an eye always toward the future. As you may know, by the 1960s Newcomb College students were enrolling in coed classes with men and Newcomb and Tulane had combined their academic departments. By 1979 Newcomb and Tulane shared a single curriculum and in 1987 Newcomb and Tulane integrated their faculty for the liberal arts and sciences. Today, all Tulane undergraduate students graduate with a degree from Newcomb-Tulane College, which appropriately recognizes and honors the Tulane and Newcomb names.

Just as Mrs. Newcomb was an educational innovator, so, too, is the Newcomb College Institute a leader in educating undergraduate women for leadership in the 21st century. From creating an endowed chair—one of only a handful in the country designated for a women's studies scholar—to awarding scholarships to outstanding women in the arts and sciences, to developing, offering and funding one-of-a-kind women's programs, Tulane University continues to be a leader in women’s education.

As always, we invite and look forward to engaging with all who have a sincere desire to work together for the good of Tulane University and all of the women enrolled here.

Have a great weekend,


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