February 2, 2001

Good Morning:

This was the week of "The Suit." I spent most of the week in New York City doing "friend raising" activities (code name for fund raising). I left for New York very early Tuesday morning. I dressed casually, assuming I could change at my hotel before my first meeting. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring a suit with me. Have you ever tried to buy a size 50 long suit off the rack and have it altered in 30 minutes? This is not an easy task, but being a university president requires being resourceful and tenacious. Well, to make a very long story shorter, I am now the proud owner of a new suit, matching tie and shirt bought in record time in the Big Apple.

By the way, the trip was a success and my tail(or) of woe made for a great story at each visit. The rest of the week was focused on interviewing or discussing the searches we have underway for a Provost, Law School Dean, and VP of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer. Last night we hosted a reception for John Alexander, a noted artist from New York, who was in New Orleans for an exhibition and to lecture at Tulane.

For Gibson watchers, you may want to check out her picture.

Have a good weekend.


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