January 28, 2011

Good Morning:

"Empower" is a word you hear a lot these days. Like any buzzword, it's a term that can be used and misused so often it loses its meaning.

At Tulane, "empower" is not only a word, it's an ethos and a call to action. It's students helping to track the path of the BP oil spill or repairing medical equipment in Tanzania or tutoring in local schools. It's Tulane law faculty helping Mardi Gras Indians gain the same copyright protection for their creations that other artists enjoy. It's Tulane doctors opening health centers for the uninsured. It's Tulane employees staffing those centers or volunteering for a day of service. It's Tulane alumni coming back year after year to aid the city's recovery by building homes and hope.

These are just a few of the amazing stories of Tulane Empowers, a new program that enables Tulane students, faculty, staff and alumni to bring about positive change in New Orleans and around the world. You can view short videos of Tulane Empowers in action online.

By their sheer size, economic impact and human capital, universities are dominant members of their communities—anchor institutions. The challenge is to use this unique position for the betterment of others. Tulane Empowers is our answer to this challenge. Let me know if you like our answer and want to be a part of it.

P.S. Even though the Saints are not going to the Super Bowl this year, you can still "be in that number" by winning two tickets to the big game and helping to empower Tulane at the same time. For details visit the raffle website.

Have a great weekend,


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