December 16, 2011

Marjorie and I (and Gibson) have prepared a special holiday greeting showing how the Tulane community exhibits the holiday spirit all year long.

May you, your family and friends have a wonderful holiday season!



About the Photos



A rare combination of two very serious conditions - Sickle Cell Anemia and Lupus - threatened the life of young Madison Tully. Tulane doctors made medical history by using a bone marrow transplant to successfully treat her. Today, Madison feels like a new person and her case will be developed into a protocol for others in the future.) Learn More



Katrina washed away many of the resources used to cultivate the young musicians of New Orleans, whom we rely on to carry on the musical tradition of our city. Thanks to the "Roots of Music" program, students can join a marching band, as long as they keep their grades up. Tulane students are tutoring at this after school program. Learn More



The 1938-era brick house at 6319 Willow St. was restored after Hurricane Katrina’s floodwaters damaged the first floor. In 2011 it was dedicated to the memory of Bea Field, a woman who had been "drafted" into becoming alumni affairs director at Tulane. Learn More



At the 21st annual Outreach Tulane held in September 2011, nearly 700 Tulane volunteers rode buses to 34 service sites, helping young students with an exercise program, sorting donations of clothes, rehabbing homes, doing park beautification and developing gardens. Learn More



Hurricane Katrina taught us a hard lesson about the importance of managing water and our coast. The Tulane Institute on Water Resources Law and Policy helps frame policies for managing waterways here at home and nationwide. Learn More



Tulane is embarking on a $70 million Home Field Advantage campaign to construct a $60 million on-campus stadium and create a $10 million investment fund for Tulane football. Learn More

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