Student Health Insurance

Fall Waive/Enroll Deadline -  09/19/2011

Enroll or Waive:

Full-Time Student: *CLOSED*

Part-Time, Dissertation, & Research Students: *CLOSED* 


Full-Time Students

The University requires that all full-time students carry adequate medical insurance while attending Tulane University. Each year, full-time students must either enroll in the University sponsored Student Health Insurance plan, or waive enrollment in this plan by providing proof of other adequate coverage. This enrollment/waiver requirement must be met each year during the Fall semester or in the Spring for students enrolling as full-time for the first time in January.

New full-time students enrolled for full-time for Fall 2011 must complete the on-line enrollment/waiver process by September 19, 2011. Failure to complete the on-line waiver form will result in the student's automatic enrollment in the Student Health Insurance Plan and the premium charged to the student's Accounts Receivable. Charges for premiums cannot be removed after September 19, 2011. Part-time, dissertation, executive program students and previously enrolled dependents are not automatically enrolled.


Part-Time, Dissertation & Master's Students, Teaching & Research Assistance, etc.

Only full-time students are required to complete the waiver process and only full-time students will be automatically enrolled in the University Sponsored Plan . Part-time students (6 hours or more), dissertation/master's students and teaching/research assistants are eligible to enroll in the plan, but they are not required to complete the waiver process and WILL NOT be automatically enrolled in the University Sponsored Plan, they must actively enroll via the Aetna Student Health's web site. Students will be billed on their Tulane Accounts Receivable or can make payment directly to Aetna Student Health.

Students who wish to enroll in the insurance plan who are unsure of their full-time/part-time status should actively enroll in the plan. Do not rely on the default enrollment.

Distance learning students taking internet only courses are not eligible to participate in the plan.



Waiver Requirements

Full-time students wishing to waive the University sponsored plan must do so by the deadline (September 19 for Fall or February 6 for Spring). The waiver information must be entered on the web site at Students will be asked to provide information about their alternative coverage. Minimum requirements of acceptable alternative coverage are:

  • Maximum lifetime benefits of at least $250,000.
  • In-patient and out-patient care in the New Orleans area.
  • The coverage must span the rest of the academic year.

The Waiver/Enrollment process must be completed each year.


Policy Periods and Terminations

The normal policy duration for the University sponsored plan is August 19 until the following August 18. Students who enroll in academic programs that begin prior to August 19 can purchase early coverage for an additional charge.

The election made in the fall to enroll in sponsored plan or waive enrollment in the plan is effective for the entire year, not just the fall semester.  Students who waive enrollment in the plan in the fall cannot be subsequently added to the sponsored plan unless they are involuntarily dropped by their other provider.  Students who voluntarily enroll in the plan (or are assigned to the plan for failure to complete a waiver), and continue as Tulane students in the spring, are committed for twelve months of coverage -- August 19 to August 18.  Enrolled students will be responsible for the entire annual premium, though it may be billed in two installments.  Students who are not enrolled at Tulane for the spring semester 2012 will be terminated from the plan and refunded any premium paid for the spring/summer period.  Likewise, the election to waive or enroll in the plan for new full-time students in January is binding for the period of January 6 to August 18.

Students who withdraw, transfer, or graduate at the end of the fall semester are not allowed to retain coverage on the University sponsored plan after January 5, but can purchase a continuation plan directly from Aetna Student Health. Students who are terminated for this reason will have the appropriated premium adjustment made to their Accounts Receivable.

Students who are added to the plan in January have coverage from January 6 through August 18.

No credit for premium will be given for the summer months of any policy, even if the student has graduated or transferred at the end of the Spring semester.

Detailed information about policy periods and premium refunds is available in the Student Health Insurance Plan Brochure at



The annual premium for a student for 2011-2012 is $2002.00. The annual premium will be billed in 2 equal installments of $1001.00, one in the fall and one in the spring. The premium for a student for Spring/Summer 2012 only is $1237.00 which will be billed in one installment. Rates for spouses and children are available in the Student Health Insurance Plan Brochure at


Plan Description

The Tulane Student Health Insurance plan provides:

  • Maximum of $250,000 in coverage per condition per policy year
  • Prescription benefits
  • Coordination of your care is easily accessible with the Tulane Student Health Centers
  • Provides coverage 24 hours a day world wide

A full description of benefits and eligibility requirements are found in the complete policy brochure available at Students should read and understand this brochure.


Enrollment/Waiver Link

To enroll in the plan or to waive enrollment:

Online Aetna Student Health Enrollment/Waiver Form - (

  • Click on Insurance Selection on the Left-Navigation bar
  • Click on Enroll or Waiver and follow the instructions

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