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University Square Campus Map

A printable map in PDF format is also available.


University Square campus map

Building C


Suite 130

Air Force ROTC

Suite 132


Suite 230

Tulane Multispecialty Clinic


Building D


Suite 120

Human Resources

Suite 126

Government Affairs

Suite 212

Payson Center for International Development

Suite 218-220

Payroll/International Tax Office

Suite 226

Office of the Superintendent of Police; Treasury Investments


Building E





Building F


Suite 105A

Office of Institutional Equity

Suite 105

Payson Center for International Development

Suite 107

Farmer's Market (marketumbrella.org)

Suite 109

Workforce Management Organization

Suite 113

Communications & Marketing

Suite 115

Capital Projects and Real Estate

Suite 203

Continuing Legal Education/Payson Center for International Development

Suite 206-13

Seventh Generation Child Study Center (Psychology Department)

Suite 209

Communications & Marketing

Suite 219

Office of University Publications

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