Technology Services provides e-mail accounts to all Tulane faculty, staff, and students.

The primary mail system is WaveMail, a partnership with Microsoft's Office 365 environment. 

Members of the Tulane community can access email via web browser ( or configure one of our supported clients, Outlook, Entourage, or Ximian Evolution.  

Tulane Access Accounts

Employees are entitled to one account, which will provide access to e-mail and other systems. This account is automatically created by the Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) when faculty and staff records are entered into the University's HR/Payroll system. Every employee will be entitled to one account/e-mail address. The departmental hiring manager is responsible for entering the personal information of the new employee into the HR/Payroll system.

Student accounts are created once a student has been entered into Banner as a matriculated student. Every matriculated student will be entitled to one account/e-mail address. The Admissions Office enters the personal information for the newly matriculated students into Banner.

Technology Services also runs a listserv server which hosts e-mail lists for faculty, staff, departments, and student organizations.  To apply for a listserv list, fill out our listserv online application form.  Distribution lists are also available through Tulane's Exchange server.  For information about setting up a distribution list, please contact an agent at HelpU 24.7 or the listserv administrator,

Resource Accounts
Faculty and staff may request a resource account (for example, a conference room) by contacting Help Desk.  The request must include the following information about the resource:

  • The campus
  • The building
  • The department
  • The room (if it is a conference room)
  • The name and e-mail address of the resource administrator
  • Whether the resource automatically accepts meeting proposals or not

 The Help Desk agent will put in a ticket to a systems administrator, who will create the resource.

Alumni Email
Learn more about e-mail options for Alumni:

Email policies for WaveMail accounts




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