Insider: Bing to showcase carnival image

January 25, 2013 9:00 AM

Alicia Duplessis Jasmin

Sea Nettle

Sea Nettle is one of 5,600 original carnival costume and float designs available in the recently digitized carnival collection. (Photo from the Louisiana Research Collection)

Meet Sea Nettle. He (or maybe she) is a costume design from the Mistick Krewe of Comus, circa 1873. The sketch was recently selected by Microsoft Media as one of the featured images to accompany a Bing.com article about "traditional Mardi Gras themes" on Tuesday, Feb. 12 — Mardi Gras.

Sea Nettle is part of the world’s largest carnival collection, which is owned by Tulane University.

“This costume is from the most famous carnival parade, the Missing Link, which was a direct reference to Darwin,” says Lee Miller, head of the Louisiana Research Collection. “Their costumes were humorous and made to poke fun at the politicians of the day.”

Some costumes were made to have a recognizable likeness to a politician paired with the body of an animal or creature.

There is no record of who the Sea Nettle character was based upon, Miller says.

Here’s what we know about sea nettles. Take a gander and see if you can determine who Sea Nettle may have been made to imitate.

•    Sea nettles are a type of jellyfish found along the East Coast.
•    Its tentacles contain paralyzing venom.
•    It likes to eat larger prey as opposed to a tiny plankton diet.
•    They are known to eat other jellyfish.

Check back for a link to the article once it's available on Bing.

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