Outside Scholarships

Organizations other than schools exist which sponsor student scholarships.  Students are responsible for researching and applying for these scholarships. 

Many organizations offer scholarship opportunities for college students.  You may search for scholarships and fellowships in a library's reference section, through online searches, by asking local organizations, or by using a personalized search, like FastWeb scholarship search, which compares your background with a database of awards and can be found at The SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid (

To make sure a web search service is reputable, call the National Fraud Information Center (800.876.7060). 

To file a complaint about scholarship scams, or for free information about scholarship scams, students or parents should call 1.877.FTC.HELP (1.877.382.4357) or visit:

Graduate scholarship reference books with agency contacts may be found in libraries as well.

Tulane encourages and welcomes all students to explore and hopefully receive "outside" scholarships (defined as awards from entities outside of Tulane).

However, a student or family should not assume they may retain all scholarship originally offered from all parties, as one type of scholarship may effect a change in another type of scholarship.

Because of this, it is important to report all outside financial aid (for example, scholarships, resources, grants, tuition waivers, tuition assistance and awards) to the Tulane University Financial Aid Office.  This requirement to report outside financial aid is also noted in the terms and conditions for receipt of any and all financial aid as a Tulane student.**

Tulane reduces loan, grant and work study eligibility in light of outside scholarship as required for federal aid.

Tulane does not reduce Tulane merit scholarship in light of outside scholarship except as stipulated in the merit award letter; however, a Tulane merit scholarship may cause an outside scholarship to be reduced.*

Tulane reduces Tulane need based scholarship in light of outside scholarship to stay within the student's financial aid cost of attendance and/or, in some cases, to prevent the outside scholarship from being reduced (for example, if the outside scholarship donor counts Tulane scholarship as a reduction to their scholarship amount).*

*Certain outside scholarship donors and/or tuition assistance programs (for example, Vanderbilt and Duke) will ask Tulane for the amount of scholarship Tulane offers a student to offset Tulane tuition, and it is important to note that Tulane reports all (merit, need, and any other) Tulane scholarship as tuition scholarship.  All Tulane scholarship is initially awarded to cover some portion of Tulane tuition charges based on full-time tuition being charged and is prorated when necessary and appropriate to the actual amount of Tulane tuition charged.  Please note that if for some reason the full amount of Tulane scholarship is not initially reported to such an outside donor, Tulane will at some point react.  As necessary Tulane will either return outside donor funding and if funds have credited to a student's Tulane account, then Tulane will bill the student's account or reduce Tulane scholarship which if already credited will result as a billing transaction to the student's account in order to stay within the specified outside donor requirement parameters.  For example, an outside donor may limit their scholarship to only pay 70% of a student's Tulane tuition, or Tulane tuition minus Tulane tuition scholarship, whichever is less.  In this case, for example, if Tulane tuition were $41,500 and the outside donor sent a 70% scholarship of $29,050, but the student actually received Tulane scholarship of $20,450, the total gift aid of $49,500 (outside donor amount of $29,050 + $20,450 original Tulane scholarship) would exceed Tulane's tuition charge by $8,000.  To avoid violating the terms of the outside donor's scholarship, Tulane would either return $8,000 to the outside donor or reduce Tulane gift aid by $8,000 (or some combination), and if funds had fully credited to the student's account, then would bill the student for the $8,000 reduction in gift aid.  Again, a student or family should not assume they may retain all scholarship originally offered from all parties, as one type of scholarship may effect a change in another type of scholarship.

**A portion of "Tulane University 2012-2013 Financial Aid Award Information" is copied below as a reference:

"Your aid offer is based on the following conditions:

·          You enroll and pay no less than the tuition and fees as noted.

·          You enroll in the division of the university as noted.

·          Your housing status is as indicated.

·          If federal funds are included in your financial aid offer, that you meet all federal requirements governing your eligibility for federal aid, such as:

·          You are a citizen or permanent resident of the United States;

·          You are classified as a degree seeking student or are in an eligible certificate program;

·          You maintain satisfactory academic progress toward your degree as defined in the individual school bulletins and financial aid guidelines;

You receive each semester a passing grade in at least one class.  This requirement must be met within 30 days after the end of the semester, yet does not apply when only enrolled in Dissertation or Practicum.

·          You meet requirements relative to Selective Service registration;

·          You have not been convicted for sale or possession of illegal drugs;

·          You are not in default on a federal student loan nor owe a refund on a federal grant.

·          The federal and state laws and regulations affecting your aid offer, which are in effect at the time the aid offer is made, remain unchanged during the period of the aid offer.

·          Your financial aid position and resources (on which our calculation of your need must be based) remain as noted in your application materials.  You are responsible for notifying the Financial Aid Office of any change in your financial position (for example, eligibility for VA benefits, receipt of scholarships, gifts, fellowships, assistantships, grants, other assistance, loans, living with parents instead of on or off campus, etc.).  A change in marital status must be reported for purposes of awarding and receiving Tulane aid.

·          Any increase in your resources (or decrease in your costs) may necessitate a reduction in your aid offer.

·          You accept your award via our website as instructed, or sign and return your award Acceptance Form."


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