Phone Book Updates for Individuals

Listings in the phone book, both paper and electronic, and in the e-mail Global Address List (GAL) originate from several university data sources, with information provided by individuals and various units.

Any changes will be reflected in the next update of the online phone book and GAL, both of which can take a few weeks, and the printed phone book, which is produced annually. When changes are received by the Telecommunications Office, they are immediately updated with university operators.



Student data in the phone book originates from the student information system (SIS) at the Registrar's Office. Students with a valid student ID and PIN can access and update individual information via Gibson Online between 7 a.m. and midnight. For more information, contact the Registrar's Office.

Students wishing to suppress directory information in the Global Address List and the phone book should visit the Registrar's Office, 110 Gibson Hall, to complete the necessary form. The "Request to prevent disclosure of directory information" form must be submitted in person along with a picture ID, which is copied and filed with the disclosure form in accordance with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) guidelines.



Faculty and staff data in the phone book originates from the university's payroll and personnel files. Annually, faculty and staff are sent a notice from the Workforce Management Organization to update contact information, which is due at the start of each fall semester.

After the fall deadline, follow the steps below to update information:

  • Office phone number, home phone number, cell phone number, emergency contact or home address. Go to HCM Self-Service in Gibson Online to update all of your personal information.  You will need your email userid and password to access this application.
  • Department, title or name. Ask your department to submit a Payroll Action Form (PAF) to the Workforce Management Organization. For name changes, documentation must also be provided to Workforce Management before the change will be made. *Note: If your name is correct but the case is wrong, e.g., it appears as McMahon and you prefer Mcmahon, please contact Technology Services.
  • Emergency Alerts. Update your off-campus information (e.g., home address, home phone, cell phone, non-Tulane e-mail) through the confidential online form.

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