A liberal arts education helps students develop and enhance necessary skills of critical thought and analysis, while learning to express complex analytical arguments clearly, concisely, and coherently in written prose and oral presentations. The essence of a liberal arts education is that it combines both breadth and depth.

If students are to achieve the breadth appropriate to a liberal arts education, the Liberal Arts faculty believe that they need to go beyond the requirements of the general core curriculum of Newcomb-Tulane College, in terms of both basic proficiency skills and distribution requirements. Therefore, all students in the School of Liberal Arts must take courses in the following areas in addition their general core courses:

The major is the means by which students achieve depth. Students should go to Departments & Programs for links to each of the 15 departments and 21 programs in the School of Liberal Arts in which they can major, where the requirements for the major (and minor) are described.

Exceptions to the academic requirements of the School of Liberal Arts can only be granted by petitioning the Committee on Undergraduate Academic Requirements. Exceptions to major and minor requirements can only be granted by the department or program.

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