Applying to an SLA Graduate Program

Application to the School of Liberal Arts is normally for admission to a  graduate degree program. Applicants who have earned an undergraduate degree from a recognized institution may be admitted to the School of Liberal Arts if their academic records and personal attributes indicate the ability to pursue advanced study successfully. Applicants must present evidence, to the satisfaction of the department or the program committee concerned, of adequate preparation for the subjects in which they seek to specialize. All students must hold the undergraduate degree before enrolling.  With special permission from the department, an applicant may seek admission as a special, non-degree student to pursue up to 9 hours of study which does not lead to a degree.


Application Deadlines

The deadlines listed below are the standard School of Liberal Arts dates. However, individual departments may have different deadline dates. Please check the web site of the relevant department.

February 1 - Fall admission (and financial aid consideration)
December 1 - Spring admission (Allowed only in some departments on a limited basis. Please contact specific department.)



The graduate application for the School of Liberal Arts at Tulane University is located below.  You may only apply on-line. We are no longer accepting applications via paper forms. Application fee is $50 (credit card only).

On-Line Application to Graduate Programs

Frequently Asked Questions about Submitting an Application to SLA Graduate School

1) What documents will I need to submit with my application?
The on-line application system will not allow an applicant to submit an application until all information on the application form is complete. You may save a partially completed application and complete it later. To complete the application you must: a) fill in information in all parts of the application, b) upload a statement of purpose, c) enter the names and requested contact information of three people who will submit (on-line) letters of academic and/or professional recommendation.

A completed application also includes GRE scores, official transcripts and letters of recommendation.  More information about GRE scores and letters of recommendation follows in the questions below. Official copies of transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate universities attended should be sent directly to the department to which you are applying. Contact information for departments is on the individual department web page or on the Department Address List in the instructions at the beginning of the on-line application. Transcripts may also be sent electronically from a certified university transcript transmission service only. These electronic transcripts should be e-mailed to the department administrator or graduate advisor in  the department to which you are applying.

If you are currently in an undergraduate or graduate program and are offered admission, you will be required to send an official transcript which includes grades from the final semester and degree earned (if applicable) before you will be officially accepted and enrolled in the program.

For transcripts in a language other than English, please provide the original copy of a certified English translation with an explanation of the grading system.

2) What is expected in my statement of purpose?
Applicants should explain in detail why they are interested in the specific graduate program at Tulane, describe career goals, strengths and accomplishments relevant to the intended course of study. Generally statements of purpose should be no more than about 500 words.

3) How do my recommendation writers submit the letters?
The people you have selected to write a letter of recommendation will submit the letters electronically using the SLA on-line application system. You will enter the name and an e-mail address of each recommendation provider. Once the information is saved an e-mail will be sent to the recommendation provider with an access code and instructions on how to proceed with the on-line recommendation. You do not have to submit the application in order for the recommendation instructions to be sent; the instructions will be emailed after you save the application in progress. It is much preferred that you have the information for all three people who will be submitting a recommendation but if you do not have the information for all three before submitting, you can enter a fake name and e-mail address but all three spots must contain information. You can revise the names after submitting the application if necessary. If for some reason it is not possible for one of your letter writers to submit on-line you can download a PDF of the recommendation form from the Downloadable section and send it to them. After they complete the form, they may send your letter of recommendation and recommendation form to : Tulane University, School of Liberal Arts, Office of Graduate Studies, 102 Newcomb Hall, New Orleans, LA 70118

4) Where do I send my GRE scores?
All applicants should direct ETS to send their official GRE score reports to Tulane School of Liberal Arts, the code is: 6183. All applicants (except MFA) are required to submit GRE scores.

5) Is TOEFL required for students from non-English speaking countries?
All applicants must present satisfactory evidence of sufficient competence to read, write, speak and understand spoken English. If you are from a non-English speaking country you are required to submit a TOEFL score unless you have received a degree from a U.S. University or a University in which courses were taught in English. TOEFL scores should also be sent to Tulane School of Liberal Arts, code: 6183.

6) What documents do International students need to submit?
In addition to all the documents mentioned above International students must submit the International Student Information Form and the Financial Affidavit/ Financial Support Form before they can be officially admitted and enroll in classes.  While these documents are not required for consideration for admission, they are required when a student accepts an offer of admission to Tulane. These documents can be downloaded from the “Downloadable Documents” link on the application and saved for submission after receipt of an admission offer OR they can be attached to the on-line application by using the “Optional Documents” link and submitted with the application before an admission decision is made.

7) What is 2014-2015 tuition for the SLA graduate program?

FULL TIME (9 or more credit hours     

   (per semester)    

(per year)      




Academic Support Service Fee



Reily Center Fee



Student Health Fee



Student Activities Fee



Students who have completed their course work requirements are required to register for Master’s Research 9980 (no credit hours) or Dissertation Research 9990 (no credit hours) in order to maintain continuous registration. A fee of $300.00 is charged each semester for this registration.

* This is the standard tuition rate for non-funded PhD, MFA and MA programs. Most departments offer a limited number of academic merit based tuition waivers and stipends (in the form of teaching assistantships, research assistantships or fellowships). All who apply are automatically considered for the tuition waiver/stipend if applicable to the specific department. Special reduced tuition rates are assessed for graduate students enrolled in certain MA programs. Please check with the department for information regarding these programs and the reduced tuition rate.


After applying, please read the Information for Incoming Students.

Tulane University, School of Liberal Arts, 102 Newcomb Hall, New Orleans, LA  70118, (504) 865-5225,