NanoFex NanoFex is a Tulane University spinout company, incubated at the New Orleans BioInnovation Center. NanoFex develops and produces next generation cellulose nanospheres using a customized spray dryer process to produce a nano-particle powder that can be injected into the ground very precisely, in a similar fashion to the in-situ technologies currently commercially deployed in the field. More Information »

APMT APMT (Advanced Polymer Monitoring Technologies LLC) was founded in 2010 as a spin-off from the Tulane University Center for Polymer Reaction monitoring and Characterization (PolyRMC). The Company is an innovative start-up providing customized online monitoring solutions for all types of polymer producers seeking to optimize their manufacturing processes and improve product quality. More Information »

NOvate Medical Technologies
NOvate Medical Technologies NOvate Medical Technologies, LLC (“NOvate”) is a New Orleans-based medical device development company focused on commercializing low-cost medical products. NOvate’s first product offering, SafeSnip, is aimed at decreasing healthcare costs and increasing standards of care while addressing global health issues. More Information »

Theodent Theodent was partly founded by prestigious scientists in different but complementary fields and the company was launched in January 2012. The discovery of those scientists sets the stage to finally provide the world an alternative to fluoride based oral care products. More Information »

Bioceptive Bioceptive was founded in September 2010 to address the adverse events caused by current insertion tools and techniques as well as to expand access to the IUD worldwide by providing a more intuitive procedure for inserting IUDs. Bioceptive is a venture-backed company in development stage of its patent-pending device and seeks to bring the device through regulatory approval, making available a much needed device to women across the world. More Information »

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