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Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Tulane Accelerates Discovery with Hybrid Supercomputer December 16, 2014

Tulane Cypress Supercomputer
Photo By: HPCwire

The rich culture and distinctive charm of the city of New Orleans served as the backdrop for this year’s annual Supercomputing Conference (SC14). If you haven’t been before, residents of the Big Easy will urge you to visit the uptown campus of Tulane University. Renowned for its beautiful trees and landscaping, the university is also a prominent research facility with TOP500-level computing prowess.

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Tulane Has One of the World’s Fastest Computers December 15, 2014

Tulane Has One of the World’s Fastest Computers

The analysis of big data is critical to most research disciplines, with important applications in fields such as genomics, meteorology, remote sensing, molecular modeling, artificial intelligence, digital media, robotics and more. Tulane University was ranked recently 271 of the top 500 supercomputer sites in the world.

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Jamie Kaplan Named Nominee for WBCA Good Works Team December 3, 2014

Jamie Kaplan Named Nominee for WBCA Good Works Team

INDIANAPOLIS – The Women’s Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA), the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) and the Allstate Insurance Company announced Wednesday the 251 nominees for the 2015 Good Works Team, with Tulane University’s Jamie Kaplan named to the prestigious list. This community service award recognizes a distinguished group of student-athletes who have demonstrated a commitment to enriching the lives of others and contributing to the greater good in their communities.

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Professors Aim to Open On-Campus Makerspace for Collaborative Projects November 20, 2014

Professors Aim to Open On-Campus Makerspace for Collaborative Projects

Two professors proposed transforming the 120-year-old mechanical services workshop into a “makerspace” complete with 3-D printers, woodworking equipment and other tools to give students a 24/7 accessible area for creating.

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Patrick F. Taylor Foundation Gives Tulane $15 Million November 17, 2014

Phyllis M. Taylor, chair of the Patrick F. Taylor Foundation and a member of the Board of Tulane, has announced a $15 million gift to Tulane University to establish the Phyllis M. Taylor Center for Social Innovation and Design Thinking.

The center will bring Tulane faculty, students and researchers from a wide array of disciplines together to work collaboratively on practical solutions to real-life problems in the environment, education, health care and more.

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Birdwatcher October 29, 2014

Liz Derryberry

When she isn’t on the Tulane University uptown campus mentoring women in science or running her eponymous lab at the Israel Environmental Sciences Building, chances are Liz Derryberry is out in the field studying the movements and sounds of toucans, parrots and other species of birds.

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Tulane Hosts Major Climate Change Conference October 28, 2014

The Embassy of France in the United States and the Consulate General of France in New Orleans are teaming up with Tulane University Nov. 10 to present one of only seven climate conferences in North America aimed at mobilizing public opinion on the challenges of climate change.

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Big Plans for Reducing Carbon Footprint October 24, 2014

Daniel Shantz's investiture

As technology advances, so does our dependence on the latest products. At the same time, our global energy consumption is growing at rapid rates.

Daniel Shantz, newly invested to hold the Entergy Chair in Clean Energy Engineering at Tulane University, is working to find a way for consumers to continue enjoying the latest technology while reducing their carbon footprint.

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What Role for Renewables in an Oil and Gas State? October 20, 2014

What role for renewables in an oil and gas state?

Can clean energy also be affordable?

“Yes, clean energy is affordable, it is available and it is usable,” wind energy proponent Simon Mahan of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy told an audience at Tulane Law School on Thursday (Oct. 16).

But other speakers at a morning panel weren’t quite as adamant.

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‘Design Thinking’ Sparks Innovation October 20, 2014

‘Design thinking’ sparks innovation

Design thinking — think of it as a new spin on innovative problem solving.

“There is real power in the practice of trying to find innovation within established systems,” said Ann Yoachim, the visiting professor of practice who is bringing that power to campus with new ideas and initiatives for the Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship Program.

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Professor-in-residence Role: A Perfect Fit October 10, 2014

Lisa Molix

For most people, the daily routine consists of going to work and then heading home once the work day is over. But what if those two worlds were one and the same?

That's what Lisa Molix, an associate professor of psychology, signed up for when she accepted a two-year contract to be the first professor-in-residence at the Barbara Greenbaum House at Newcomb Lawn that opened on the Tulane University uptown campus this fall semester.

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Get Ready for Computational Thinking October 10, 2014

Jeanette Wing

Want to think like a computer scientist? Maybe you already do. Noted computer scientist Jeanette Wing will share her vision of the influence of computer science across academic disciplines with the Tulane University community on Monday (Oct. 13) at 3 p.m. in Freeman Auditorium at the Woldenberg Art Center on the uptown campus.

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Tulane Awarded $3.7 Million to Study Osteoporosis, Mental Disease October 7, 2014

Yu-Ping Wang

Yu-Ping Wang, an associate professor of biomedical engineering and biostatistics and bioinformatics at Tulane University, has been awarded two grants totaling nearly $3.7 million from the National Institutes of Health.

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Tulane to Test NOLA Mockingbirds for Lead October 6, 2014

Soil Lead Levels

If that mockingbird won’t sing, could lead be the problem?

Tulane University researcher Renata Ribeiro wants to find out by setting up bird feeders around homes throughout New Orleans as part of a yearlong project funded by the Morris Animal Foundation.

Research has shown that older New Orleans neighborhoods have high levels of lead in their soil that can cause health problems, including neurological damage that is especially acute for children.

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Black Women Less Likely to Associate STEM with Men, Tulane Study Says October 2, 2014

Laurie O'Brien

Black women are less likely than white women to subconsciously associate the STEM fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics with males and masculinity, according to a study led by Tulane University psychology professor Laurie O’Brien.

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Recovery Engineer - Dean Altiero Featured in ASEE Prism Magazine Fall 2014

Recovery Engineer

Imagine: You’re a dean of engineering, and your city has suffered the worst natural catastrophe in American history. The campus is trashed, with more than $500 million in damage. The entire semester is canceled. All your students have to find alternative schools to attend. And then, less than two months before the university is scheduled to reopen, the board of administrators issues a report with sweeping recommendations. One of them: Shut down your school.

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The Tulane School Of Science And Engineering Welcomes New Staff Fall 2014

New Staff

Please join us in welcoming Laurie Domino (Administrative Secretary, Museum of Natural History), Patrick Swindle (Program Coordinator, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering), and Erin Thigpen (Executive Secretary, Department of Physics and Engineering Physics). We also welcome Karen Muse (Sr. Program Coordinator, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences) who transferred from the SSE Center for Computational Science and Yu Wang (Lab Research Technician, Department of Physics and Engineering Physics) formerly a staff member in the Tulane School of Medicine Department of Pathology.

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Tulane Researchers Awarded Grant to Develop Smart Polymers September 19, 2014

Tulane researchers awarded grant to develop smart polymers

The National Science Foundation has awarded a group of 14 Louisiana and Mississippi researchers – including four from Tulane University – up to $6 million to develop tools that will help strengthen the regional workforce and broaden opportunities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

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Physics and Engineering Physics Summer Research Colloquium Fall 2014

Summer Research Colloquium

On Friday, August 29, the Physics and Engineering Physics Department held a Summer Research Colloquium to celebrate all of the exciting work going on in the department. The event featured twenty-seven researchers who presented their summer findings in the form of a talk or a poster. Research was presented from both on-campus and off-campus laboratories. Topics ranged from neutron science and many-body physics to new types of energy storage and high performance transistors. The colloquium was held in the LBC and had excellent attendance by students, staff, and faculty.

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A Materials Boom at Tulane Fall 2014

Materials Boom

Tulane University's Physics and Engineering Physics (PEP) Department is undergoing a major expansion in the area of materials science and engineering, a field that is both as old as human civilization and a critical focus area for 21st century technological advancement. The department has a recent history of strength in this area, and the focused growth in faculty, research, educational programs, and infrastructure is designed to make Tulane's program an internationally recognized center of excellence.

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Copenhagen: A New Summer Destination for SSE Students Fall 2014

Copenhagen: A New Summer Destination for SSE Students

The summer of 2014 marked a new, exciting chapter for students in the School of Science and Engineering. For the first time, students had the opportunity to study abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark in a summer program designed to meet their academic needs. Tulane faculty members taught all of the courses offered this summer, enabling students to satisfy major, minor, or core requirements while living in Denmark.

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