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The Student Government Association at the Tulane School of Social Work is committed to the facilitation of relations between students, faculty, administration, the University, alumni, professionals and community members. The fundamental values of the social work profession, expressing the worth, dignity, and uniqueness indigenous to all persons as well as their rights and opportunities, shall be reflected in the expression of the actions of the organization. These objectives shall be accomplished by serving as an educational, cultural, and social force within the School and the community.

The Student Government Association (SGA) of the Tulane School of Social Work is affiliated with the Associated Student Body (ASB) of Tulane University. All students enrolled at TSSW are eligible for membership in the Student Government Association.

The 2011-12 Student Government Association (SGA) of the Tulane School of Social Work includes the following individuals, who can be contacted via e-mail by clicking on their names below:

President --- Tim Craft
Internal Vice President -- Cara Wendling
External Vice-President -- Jenny Lewis
Secretary -- Claire Wichitchu
Treasurer -- Michelle Helmstetter

Educational Planning Committee Members
Amanda Thurmon & Destinee Biesemeyer

GAPSA Representative
Natalie Meyle

Colleen Anderson (Alumni Coordinator)
Jennifer Bragman (Assistant to the External VP)
Kristina Ciotto (Technology Senator)
Judy Cole (Diversity Senator)
Erin Huggins (Community Service Senator)
Keren Tangen (Wellness Senator)

Part-time Student Representative

Tulane School of Social Work, 127 Elk Place, New Orleans, La. 70112  1-800-631-8234