Rehabilitation Services

Our excellent Physical Therapists use state-of–the-art technology along with manual techniques to get you well.  We have a number of tools to get you back, from our newly renovated aquatic therapy center, Biodex rehab and testing, and the most advanced modalities such as electrical stimulation and therapeutic ultrasound; we will get you feeling better in no time.

Reily Aquatic Therapy Center

The Reily Aquatic Therapy Center is our newest addition.  Heavily damaged by hurricane Katrina, it was recently refurbished thanks to a very generous contribution from Mr. Timothy S. Reily.  Hydro therapy offers many benefits. The reduced gravity environment of the water reduces stress on joints and muscles, which allows rehabilitation to begin much sooner than on land.  Post surgical patients enjoy many benefits with hydro therapy including; relaxation, increased joint range of motion, and increased strength.  Fluid resistance is a smoother form of resistance that is more comfortable and instills confidence in the patient.  With our Aquatic Therapy Center, we are the leaders in physical rehabilitation and sports performance.  

Our clinic is one of a few that has a Biodex system for the treatment and testing of our patients.  Isokinetic testing is essential when it comes to returning you back to your sport or job safely.  We use isokinetic testing to objectively see exactly where you are in the rehabilitation process.  Biodex assessments of physical impairment have been proven to provide a fast and effective return to function.  Isokinetic testing gives our physicians valuable information about strength deficits and muscle imbalances that may predispose a particular joint to further injury. Information obtained through the test provides our physical therapists with baseline objective data to compare with follow-up testing upon completion of the rehabilitation program.  It’s another example of our use of cutting edge technology to keep you healthy and in the game.


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