Trans on Campus


If you identify as trans (transgender, gender non-conforming, non-binary, transsexual, or genderqueer) or if you are exploring aspects of your gender identity, the Office for Gender and Sexual Diversity (OGSD) can help you to connect with other trans and allied students on campus; obtain information about resources on campus and in the New Orleans community; navigate the logistics of transitioning on campus; work with you to change your name on your transcripts and within University records; help you to obtain a new Tulane ID card; and, find trans-friendly staff members throughout the university (including counselors, health professionals, professors, etc.).  At any stage in your process, your desire for confidentiality will be respected.

Primary Care at the Student Health Center

Trans individuals can expect high quality care from the Student Health Center.  Doctors and nurses undergo training and have experience working with trans-identified patients.  The Student Health Center:

  • ensures that all students are referred to by their preferred name and gender pronouns
  • provides hormone replacement therapy via the informed consent method
  • fills prescriptions for hormone replacement therapy
  • administers STI treatments to transgender patients
  • gives referrals for personal trainers, psychologists/counselors, and hair removal specialists who have experience with trans* and gender non-conforming patients

The staff provides non-judgmental care and respect, protecting your rights and privacy in delivering health services. Click here for more information.

Gender-Inclusive Housing 

As part of Housing &Residential Life’s (HRL) commitment to meeting the diverse needs of students, Gender-Inclusive Housing (GIH) is now available to students during the room selection process and will be offered throughout campus.  GIH environments are designated as particularly comfortable living spaces for students who identify as transgender, gender non-conforming, non-binary, gender questioning, lesbian, gay, bisexual, intersex, queer, and allies.  GIH allows undergraduate students of any gender the option of living with other students regardless of their gender. As an opt-in policy, GIH is voluntary and no student will be assigned to GIH unless it is requested. 

GIH promotes self-determination by allowing students the choice to make decisions regarding their own needs. Options include both single and double bedrooms and will include a range of prices.  Students have the option to either pull in an eligible roommate to fill the suite, or select a single space within an apartment/suite. If the student does not select a roommate, the space will remain available during the GIH Selection period to be filled by another student who is also interested in living in GIH.

Single-User and “All Gender” Restrooms

Tulane University has several “all gender” restrooms located around campus, and even more single-user restrooms.  The following list, though not exhaustive, provides some options across campus.

  • Lavin-Bernick Center (LBC): 1st and 2nd floors
  • Alcee Fortier Hall: All floors, marked “Unisex/Handicapped”
  • Gibson: Basement, in the middle of the main hallway.
  • Reily Student Recreation Center: 1st floor, past reception, marked “Gender Neutral
  •  Wall Lobby: Right of the piano room/library
  •  Willow C Lobby: First floor, to the right upon entrance

If you know of a single-user restroom that is not listed here, please e-mail us at with the building name and floor. A more frequently updated and comprehensive map is available HERE. 

Reily Student Recreation Center

If you are comfortable using male or female locker rooms, both the men's and women's locker rooms in the Reily Student Recreation Center have showers with curtains to maintain privacy.  For more privacy, Reily also has a single-user toilet and shower marked “Gender Neutral.”  This private bathroom/shower, which is located on the first floor, just past the reception desk, is available upon a key request from the entrance attendance.  To store your belongings while using the single-user bathroom, lockers are available on the same floor just past the elliptical machines and next to the vending machines.

Intramural Sports

Tulane University offers same gender and coed sports for both individuals and teams. These sports are open to all University students. Students interested in participating in intramural sports will be asked their gender on their intramural entry form. Gender for the purpose of intramural sports is the gender registered with the university.

Preferred Name and Pronouns

It is often the case that students have preferred names and pronouns that do not match the official state issued documents that the University uses for its records.  For changes to be registered on most university documents, you must first change them on a state issued id and then submit a change request to the university.

However, even without official documents, you can begin to use your preferred name and pronouns.  Upon request, the director of the Office for Gender and Sexual Diversity will send a letter to your professors, housing staff, coaches, and/or other staff notifying them that your preferred name and pronouns are different form those on official documents.  This can be useful to do before the semester begins, so that everyone is up to date before your start classes.  However, it can also be done at anytime of the year.  Simply send an e-mail to with the emails of the professors and or staff that you would like to be notified. 

At the
Student Health Center, you do not need to have a legally changed name in order to be called by your preferred name and pronouns.  You can put your preferred name and pronouns in the “Nick Name” box on your health care forms. This will then be applied to all future forms.

Gender Changes on Official Records
To enter a change in gender, the
registrar requires a written, signed statement from the student requesting a gender change on your record in the student information system. Your ID number will not change.

Name Changes on Official Records

In order to change your name on official documents (i.e. Tulane Phonebook, class registration, attendance lists, Splash Card, Wavemail), the registrar requires either an official court document with the legal name change or a valid driver's license or state identification card with the new name displayed. Upon changing your name with the registrar, you can acquire a Splash Card (Student ID) reflecting this change by going to Card Services.  Without state issued documents, the registrar is unable to change your name in their databases.

Student ID (Splash Card)
Although your Splash Card won't have any sort of gender marker, it will have your name as it is entered in the registrar system.  Should you wish to change the name on your Splash Card, you will need to submit a state issued document to the registrar—either an official court document or a valid driver's license or state identification card with the new gender displayed.

Wavemail(Student Email)
In order to change the name displayed in Tulane Wavemail, you will need to submit a state issued document to the registrar—either an official court document or a valid driver's license or state identification card with the new name displayed.  After you change your name with the registrar, you can then contact
accounts@tulane.eduto inform them of the change, and they will change your e-mail to reflect that.

Office of the Registrar

110 Gibson Hall

Division of Student Affairs, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-314-2188