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To find out about upcoming gender- and sexuality-related events at Tulane University or to connect to fellow students, faculty, and staff, check this out:

OGSD Weekly E-News

Every Monday morning the Office for Gender and Sexual Diversity (OGSD) sends out 
an e-newsletter that includes a calendar of the week's relevant events and resources, time-sensitive announcements and resources, and articles by students such as the "Gender and Sexuality Guide to the New Orleans Film Fest".  To post your event, please send your content to To sign up for the newsletter, click here.

OGSD on Facebook

The Office for Gender and Sexual Diversity (OGSD) Facebook page posts weekly newsletters, updates, announcements, and photos.  If you have an announcement or an event that you feel would be relevant to members of the OGSD page, please use this as a communication vehicle.

Gender & Sexuality Studies Students Facebook Group

The “
Gender and Sexuality Studies Students (Tulane)” Facebook group was started in 2010 by students in a Gender and Sexuality Studies course.  It has since grown to include 250 students who want to connect about gender- and sexuality-related events in and beyond campus.  This group includes current and former Tulane University students, some of whom are majors/minors in the Gender and Sexuality Studies Program.  All students who have taken a Gender and Sexuality Studies course are encouraged to participate.


The Splash is sent out weekly by the Office for Multicultural Affairs to keep you informed about what’s happening in the multicultural community here at Tulane.  To subscribe, send an e-mail to


The Office for Gender and Sexuality moderates three listservs:

  • is a listserv for the Tulane Community.  Students, faculty and staff interested in staying informed about events and opportunities are invited to join.
  • is a listserv for Tulane faculty and staff only. (Some faculty and staff members choose to join both this list and the LGBT-L list. QFS-L is a lower volume list. Typically, events postings get sent out on the LGBT-L list, while the QFS-L is mainly for discussion and networking among colleagues from different departments.)
  • is an intercampus listserv for queer campus leaders and activists throughout Louisiana. This list currently includes representatives from several different schools, as well as representatives from a number of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender-focused community organizations.

Alumni Affairs moderates:

  • Green Pride: Green Pride is an online alumni listserv of former and current Tulane University LGBTIQA-identified students.  To be considered an alum, one only need complete one full semester at Tulane University.  Once on the Green Pride listserv, you can connect with alum from various parts of the globe and across generations.  

How do I join?

Simply send an e-mail to . Leave the subject line blank.  In the body of the message, write: SUBSCRIBE Listname Firstname Lastname (For example, if Joe Schmoe wanted to join the general Tulane list, he would send an e-mail that said SUBSCRIBE Joe Schmoe.)

Are there restrictions on who can join the lists?

LGBT-L is open to any Tulane student, faculty or staff member. Membership in QLA-L is generally restricted to people who are in some way representatives of LGBT campus organizations in Louisiana. QFS-L is for Tulane faculty and staff only.

Who will see my name if I join?

Red Vaughan Tremmel, Director of the Office for Gender and Sexual Diversity, and Kim Echols moderate all three lists. When you initially subscribe, they get an automated e-mail with your name on it. After that point, membership is anonymous. We will not share your information with any other person or department without your permission. Your e-mail address will not even be visible to other people on the list.

I know of an LGBT event. Can I post my own announcement to the list?

Yes, you may post messages and announcements by sending an e-mail directly to the listserv address. All messages are automatically sent to the list moderator for approval before they post to members of the group. In order for a message to be approved, it must be applicable to the membership of the list to which it is addressed, related to queer life, and open to all members of the list. You may also send messages directly to for approval.

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