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Allies of the LGBTQ Community

In 2009, Tulane University instituted the Safe Zone Program, a voluntary 2-hour training offered to all faculty and staff, to (1) create a visible campus-wide network of LGBTIQ allies who address prejudice and discrimination on campus (2) to foster a learning environment that welcomes and respects gender and sexual diversity.  

Allies are people who (a) may or may not identify as part of the LGBTIQ community (b) value the human rights of all people, including the right to gender and sexual diversity (c) demonstrate their values through visible presence and actions (d) seek accurate information related to LGBTIQ issues (e) and, choose to be identified and available to offer confidential support, assistance, and accurate information to others regarding LGBTIQ issues.  

Allies at Tulane have completed training and have signed a pledge committing themselves to being an available resource on Tulane's campus for LGBTQ students and employees. Since the Safe Zone Program was instituted in 2009, the network of LGBTIQ allies has expanded each year.


Student Allies

  • Luis Behrhost 

  • Matthew Bourda

  • Andrew Duke

  • Tommy Gray

  • Seth Figueroa

  • Jordan McFaull

  • Yanikka Morgan

  • Jennifer Mosely

  • Nora Murphy

  • Austin Richards

  • Shawn Rice


Administrator Allies


Faculty Allies


Staff Allies

LGBTIQA Welcoming Space

LGBTIQA Welcoming Space

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