Student Affairs Mission and Vision

About the Division of Student Affairs:
Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Mission & Vision

The Tulane student experience is a rich "Gumbo" of different flavors. You start with move-in day, finish with graduation day and add a taste of everything that goes in between. That means spending time with friends in the Quad, attending a play or festival off campus, going to concerts and comedy stand-up shows on campus, joining a club or organization, or playing a pick-up game at the Reily Center. Toss in plenty of services and programs to help you get around and get down to work and you'll get the one-of-a-kind experience that can only happen in New Orleans. And only at Tulane.

They say that "life is a journey" and that journey is what we're all about. We're Student Affairs: inspiring student success every step of the way.

Core Values

As a Division of Student Affairs, we inspire student success through five core values:

1) Integrity
2) Care
3) Excellence
4) Passion


Integrity involves demonstrating three key traits: trust, honesty, and mutual respect. Individuals who have integrity deliver on the promises they make and make ethical decisions. Those who act with integrity are responsible stewards of University resources.


Care is an important core value with far-reaching implications. Care is multifaceted; its various components work synergistically. People who care incorporate all of the elements of care into their day-to-day activities.

Caring individuals create safe, healthy, and welcoming environments for themselves and others. People who care promote fitness and wellness. Within the University, caring people are those who promote and support learning and professional development of students and staff. They welcome questions and acknowledge input to engage students and others in active learning. When people who care encounter barriers, they find ways to overcome them to assist, help, and support students in learning. Individuals who care collaborate with partners inside and outside of the University to support student learning.


Excellence is a quality that sets apart individuals, their work, and their attitudes. People who strive for excellence deliver high quality services and programs. They embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and go the “extra mile” to ensure that their services and programs are positive and beneficial. Besides holding themselves to high standards, excellent performers communicate high expectations for student behavior and performance. Individuals who embody excellence in their work continually assess the effectiveness and quality of all services and programs. They use this assessment information to create superior services and programs that reflect and respond to changing needs.


When passion infuses a person’s work, that individual focuses on the total development of each student as a complete person. Individuals with passion for their work assist students in all aspects of the students’ intellectual, personal, and professional growth in the environments in which the students live, work, learn, and play. Passion, humor, and enthusiasm are complementary traits. People with passion cultivate a sense of humor and do their work enthusiastically and energetically. Passion inspires people to turn negative situations into positive ones. Passionate people create friendly work and play environments where risk taking is okay.


Civility encompasses courtesy, consideration for others, politeness, and respect for social conventions. By acting with civility and graciousness, people can facilitate tasks and projects that might otherwise be difficult. Civility helps individuals smooth the way to achieve results by minimizing friction.

In demonstrating civility, individuals serve as role models to help students develop coherent values and ethical standards. Civility is an integral part of those who embrace the University’s motto, Not for One’s Self but for One’s Own. Civility demands that people treat others with respect and fairness. Civility is an umbrella over diversity and inclusive excellence: with civility as a guiding principle, individuals promote justice, honesty, equality, courtesy, freedom, dignity, and responsible citizenship. Those who incorporate civility into all of their interactions offer and accept feedback and criticism with dignity and respect.


The five core values of Integrity, Care, Excellence, Passion, and Civility are a five-point compass to guide behavior, clarify decision-making, and inspire action.

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