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'Best lecturer,' 'legendary teacher' to receive top awards MAY 15, 2014


One highlight of Saturday’s (May 17) Tulane University Commencement ceremony is honoring outstanding teachers. Receiving 2014 President’s Awards for Graduate and Professional Teaching are Gary Dohanich, professor of psychology and neuroscience.... These honors recognize faculty members with a compelling record of excellence in teaching, learning and research, and a commitment to educational excellence. 

What sets Gary Dohanich apart “is the time and thoughtfulness that he willingly devotes to support individual graduate students,” says a Tulane colleague and a former student of Dohanich. His teaching skills “are legendary,” she says, and his mentoring of doctoral students has been a major influence on science at Tulane. A driving force in development of neuroscience as a discipline on campus, he is founder and co-director of the neuroscience master’s program and associate director of the PhD program.

Top ⇑Graduate Awards

Tulane Student-Scientists Lead Breakthrough Discoveries May 2, 2012

Tulane student-scientists lead breakthrough discoveries

The School of Science and Engineering's event allows students to illustrate their latest research outcomes on paper posters affixed to portable walls.

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Top ⇑Undergraduate Awards

Thanlam Tran & Rachel Springer

Senior Scholar in Neuroscience

The Senior Scholar Award is awarded annually to the outstanding graduating Neuroscience major(s) in the Honors Program.

Senior Scholar in Neuroscience:

2014 - Rachel Springer, Caroline Germany
2013 - Rachel Britton, Elizabeth Hargroder
2012 - Erin Harris, Evan Kyzar
2011 - Kristin Leone
2010 - Shelly Gurwara
2009 - Claire Stelly, Philip Fontenot
2008 - Cassandra Kovach, Christina Thomas
2007 - Amelia Decker, Sarah Atkinson
2006 - Sanmati Rao
2005 - Amy Clark, Robert Eil
2004 - Clayton Smith
2003 - Mollie Teng
2002 - Abigail Hoffmann
2000 - Jessica Wiegand

The Arnold Gerall Prize in Neuroscience

Professor Arnold “Arnie” Gerall earned his Ph.D. in 1951 from the University of Iowa, and joined the faculty of Tulane University in 1961. His primary research focus in physiological psychology spanned over half a century and was seminal particularly in the areas of sexual differentiation and reproduction. He retired from Tulane in 1997 and died on Dec. 11, 2013 at the age of 86.

Concurrent with a Festschrift in 1991 to celebrate his contributions to the field of physiological psychology, Professor Gerall's friends, colleagues, and former students established a research prize in his name. The Arnold Gerall Prize in Neuroscience annually recognizes a Newcomb-Tulane College senior for excellence in psychology and neuroscience. The honor's theses that each of these students completed carried on the strong tradition of neuroscience research that Professor Gerall fostered at Tulane.

Gerall Award recipients:

2014 - Pamela Svorinic
2012 - Sara Hunt, Michael Mainguy, Michael Seay
2011 - Jillian Lauer
2010 - Lisa Keskitalo
2009 - Lee Kahn, Kelsey Ward
2008 - Kate Frankola, Jeni O'Malley
2007 - Steven Bright
2006 - Vishnu Cuddapah, Carolyn Pauker
2005 - Ellen Hosemann
2004 - Clayton Smith
2003 - Lacey Sahuque
2002 - Christopher May
2001 - Elizabeth Rarick
2000 - Jessica Wiegand

Neuroscience Faculty Award

The Neuroscience Faculty Award was established in 2013 to recognize the outstanding senior neuroscience majors who have demonstrated excellence in academic performance and research.

Neuroscience Faculty Award

2014 - Teresa Cao, Claire Wilson
2013 - Imran Anwar, Kristin Ates

Tulane 34 Award

Tulane 34 recognizes outstanding Tulane undergraduates and graduate/professional school students for their community service, student leadership and academic achievement. It is an opportunity both to recognize outstanding student accomplishment and to underscore the significance and breadth of citizenship and public service activities woven into academic life at Tulane. The award recognizes a broad range of citizenship and public service activities in which our students excel. These include volunteer service in established programs, informal forms of service, new student initiatives, and participation in the Tulane student organization activities and student governance. The Neuroscience Program has had several Tulane 34 Awardees, and we congratulate our winners of this prestigious award.

Tulane 34 Award

2014 - Pamela Svorinic
2013 - Kristin Ates
2012 - Sarah Hunt
2010 - David Tien
2009 - Emily Evans
2008 - Ahmed Salahudeen
2007 - Amelia Decker

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