Calculus Guide

Which Calculus Should I Take?

If you have to take Calculus but aren't sure where you should start, use the chart below to figure out which math course is right for you:

In high school I took… Look at...
Algebra and Trigonometry but struggled and wouldn’t feel comfortable jumping into Calculus without a review. Math 1150
Algebra and Trigonometry or a precalculus course and did pretty well. Math 1210

See course description below

Calculus I and/or scored a 3 or better on either the Advanced Placement Calculus AB exam or Calculus BC exam. Math 1310
Calculus I and II (or one year of college Calculus) and/or scored a 4 or 5 on the BC Calculus Advanced Placement Exam. Math 2210

If none of these categories sound like you or you're still not sure, read the brief course descriptions below.

You may also want to look at our AP credit policies.

Course Descriptions
Math 1150/1160 Long Calculus: This is a 2-semester sequence that begins with a review of algebra and trigonometry then covers all of Calculus I (Math 121) at a slower pace.
Math 1210 Calculus I: This is a standard 1-semester Calculus I course.


Math 1310 Consolidated Calculus: This is a 1-semester course that begins with a 3-week review of Calculus I, then covers all of Calculus II.
Math 2210 Calculus III This is a 1-semester course in several variables calculus.

If you still have questions, please e-mail our Calculus Coordinator, Prof. Albert Vitter or contact the Mathematics Department (504) 865-5727.

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