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Endowed Scholarships & Fellowships

Platinum Scholarships and Fellowships

  • The David R. Filo Scholarship Fund
  • M.H. Rykoski Scholarship Fund
  • The William and Catherine Spaar Memorial Scholarship Fund

Gold Scholarships and Fellowships

  • David Andrew Tretter Memorial Scholarship in Science and Engineering
  • G. Herman Fund for Vokes Scholarships
  • IBM Corporation Fellowship Fund
  • Timothy C. White Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Herman John Janssen Memorial Scholarship Fund

Silver Scholarships and Fellowships

  • Andy Alward Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Elsa Freiman Angrist Scholarship Endowed Fund
  • Thomas and Helen Armer Endowed Fund
  • Earl and Dorothy Lambert Calkins Scholarship Fund in Engineering
  • The Valerie and Michael Corasaniti Cowen Scholar Endowed Fund I
  • The Valerie and Michael Corasaniti Cowen Scholar Endowed Fund IV
  • Frank E. Davis Memorial Scholarship
  • Robert J. Drueding and Hermine G. Drueding Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Marie M. Giacomino Tuition Scholarship Fund
  • David Walker Godat II Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Richard and Marie Elaine Hebert Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Kaiser Aluminum Scholarship and Fellowship Fund
  • Claude Kelly Scholarship Fund
  • Edmond Campbell Ker Scholarship Fund
  • Kaye and Henry Lartigue Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Floyd and Jimmie Lewis Fellowship in Engineering
  • Francis William and Douglas J. Marko Family Scholarship Fund
  • The Ellis Mintz Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Cheri Anthony Miranne III Scholarship Fund
  • Shepard Francis Perrin Scholarship in Engineering
  • Pickering Family Endowed Fund
  • John R. Riley Scholarship Fund in Chemical Engineering
  • Robert and Gayle Schwarzenbach Longmire Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Reinhard A. Steinmayer Endowed Scholarship
  • John C. and Katherine B. Trebellas Chemistry Fellowship Endowed Fund
  • Lee Wang Family Scholarship in Engineering
  • Leo S. Weil Scholarship Fund
  • Women's Auxiliary to the New Orleans Chapter of the Louisiana Engineering Society

Bronze Scholarships and Fellowships

  • Emmett Franklin Bankston Scholarship Fund
  • Thomas S. Booksh Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Robert N. Bruce, Jr. Scholarship in Engineering
  • John Anthony Cochrane, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • 1979 Donald Derickson Memorial Scholarship in Engineering
  • James Woodrow Fouts Scholarship Fund
  • Arthur M. Greshemer Scholarship Endowed Fund
  • Arlo D. Harris Scholarship in Chemistry
  • The Scott G. Heape Endowed Fund for Geoscience and Geological Education
  • Herbert M. Hein Scholarship Fund
  • W.C. Hildebrand Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Professor Hans Boech Jonassen Memorial Scholarship in Chemistry
  • Patricia Cain Kesser Scholarship Fund
  • Frances and Hugh Kiefer Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Leon Klein Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • W.E. Koch Engineering Scholarship Fund
  • Stewart Martin Lane Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Henry and Elizabeth Lehmann Scholarship Fund
  • The John K. and Dixie T. Mayer Fellowship Fund
  • Anne M. McPherson Memorial Student Award
  • John J. Metzger, Jr. Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Randall K. Nichols Award and Scholarship in Chemical Engineering
  • The Sol M. Oppenheim (ChE 1917) Scholarship Fund
  • Doris Patricia O'Quinn Fellowship Endowed Fund
  • Paul M. Pope, Jr. Trust Fund
  • The John Riess Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Nelson Betts Roltsch Memorial Fund
  • Hans B. Schubert Memorial Scholarship
  • Hans B. Schubert and Renate E. Schubert Memorial Scholarship
  • Leon E. and Herbert J. Schwartz Fund
  • Raymond B. Scudder Scholarship in Engineering
  • Jared Siegel Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Herbert L. Stanton Geology and Earth Sciences Scholarship Fund
  • Vincent V. Uybarreta Scholarship Fund
  • Joyous and William C. Van Buskirk Scholarship in Biomedical Engineering

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