Amir Shahkarami

As Site Vice President, Shahkarami is responsible for the safe and efficient operations of the two PWR units located in Braceville, Illinois.

Shahkarami joined Exelon Nuclear in 2002 as Engineering Director of the Dresden Nuclear Station. He was promoted to the Engineering VP, and later to Senior VP of engineering and Technical Services where he was responsible for the conduct of fuel (procurement, design, and back-end), engineering, project management, license renewal, industry organizations (BWROG, PWROG, EPRI), innovation, and the international exchange program (KHNP, TEPCO, EDF). He was the company’s chief engineer responsible to provide governance and oversight to the corporate and Exelon’s seventeen (17) nuclear units located in Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Prior to joining Exelon, he spent 12 years at several Entergy sites in various management positions including site deputy plant manager, led the Equipment Reliability, power uprates and the “Achievement Anchors.” He worked at Detroit Edison's Fermi Nuclear Plant for three years. He provided five years of engineering consultation through Sargent & Lundy to many U.S. nuclear plants. He spent his first three years after graduation at Brown & Root, Inc., designing and constructing offshore oil platforms and pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico and North Sea.

Shahkarami received his Bachelor and Master of Engineering degrees from Tulane University during 1977-1981, MBA from Mississippi College in 1994, and completed PhD studies in nuclear engineering at Louisiana State University in 2001. He completed the Harvard AMP in 2008. He is a registered Professional Engineer; has a Senior Reactor Operator (SRO) Certificate; and has completed INPO’s Senior Nuclear Plant Manager (SNPM) course.

Shahkarami is a member of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) Nuclear Power Council, the Executive Committee, and has chaired ERAPWG. He has led the PWROG and BWROG executive committees as chair and vice-chair. He is the chairman of the NEI digital I&C working group that has reported the progress to the NRC commissioners twice a year. He served as BWRVIP and PMMP executive committees and was the executive sponsor for the MRP and led the industry PWR pressurizer nozzle alloy 600 project. Amir is the 3 time winner of the Top Industry Practice (TIP). Amir was named the 2008 Business Leaders of Color by Chicago United . He also serves on the Tulane University, Texas A&M, and Illinois Institute of Technology engineering advisory boards. Amir has been a member of the American Nuclear Society since 1992 and currently serves on their Board of Directors. He received the 2009 ANS utility leadership award. Amir has greatly contributed to INPO, WANO, NRC, and IAEA through the development of several principle documents, mentorship, and as an industry advisor and evaluator for both domestic and international nuclear facilities. He received his WANO Nuclear Excellence Award in January 2010 in New Delhi, India.

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Senior Vice President Engineering and Technical Services

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