Town Hall Meeting

(Vision 2020 Update)

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014


School of Medicine

Main Auditorium

1430 Tulane Avenue



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Update: April 1st, 2014

Dear Colleagues, Supporters and Friends of Tulane, 

Over the last 6 weeks, the working groups and committees have provided their recommendations for the strategic priorities for our school. I'd like to share the following highlights regarding the proposed priorities and some of the activities ahead.

Proposed Prioritized Goals: With the aim to build on our strengths and maximize our opportunities while minimizing our weaknesses and the academic environmental threats, the proposed strategic goals to distinguish Tulane University School of Medicine by 2020 reflect our tripartite mission of research, education, and patient care. Each of the working groups identified areas that should be addressed from the SOM "enterprise" perspective: infrastructure, faculty growth and development, communications and marketing, strategic partnerships (within and across schools, industry, community organizations, etc), and accountability. It is important, that as we develop the implementation plans around the strategic goals, these "enterprise" initiatives be addressed. Some of these efforts take only minimal resources but require us to change how we work and what we focus on. Change is never easy but our adaptability will be our key to long-term success.

Many outstanding suggestions have been proposed by members of our Tulane family and our Tulane supporters. As we all know, resources are limited, and we must identify a select number of strategic goals in which we can invest to distinguish our school. Based on the excellent work done to date by our working groups and committees, feedback from the stakeholder survey, the SWOT analysis, and input from the Steering Committee and school leaders, several goals have been identified for further development. Work groups including leaders, faculty, and administrative personnel are currently outlining the framework for the following proposed goals: expanding translational research (including pilot programs to enhance interdisciplinary research and a proposed internal COBRE structure), fostering competency-based lifelong learning and establishing learning academies (including undergraduate, graduate, and post graduate learners), identifying centers of excellence, and delivering the highest quality care. The framework for each goal will be vetted by our Steering Committee and Strategic Advisory Board before finalizing. A school-wide implementation team will be identified along with "champions" for each goal, and full operational plans for each selected strategic goal will developed in the coming months.

I continue to be grateful to you, our Strategic Advisory Board, Steering Committee, Working Group chairs and members, and key administrative personnel who remain committed to this effort and our school.

Please continue to share your ideas and insights with the members of these groups (list of committee members and feedback links available on the Vision 2020 website: or Dr. Tonette Krousel-Wood, Vision 2020 Strategic Planning Chair at We want to hear from you!

Upcoming events:

  • A Town Hall Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 14th, 2014 at 5:15 p.m. in the SOM Auditorium, 1430 Tulane Avenue. Please make every effort to attend and encourage your faculty, students and staff to come!

Thank you for your continued support of the Vision 2020 Strategic Planning Initiative for the School of Medicine.


Lee Hamm, MD
Senior Vice President and Dean
Tulane School of Medicine


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