Credentialing Fee Schedule for Tulane University School of Medicine:
Office of Graduate Medical Education

Requests with authorization of release and payments (checks or money orders made out to "Tulane University-GME") should be mailed to:

Tulane University School of Medicine
GME, Credentialing Office
1430 Tulane Avenue, #8025
New Orleans, LA 70112
(504) 988-0745
Contact Barbara Perry, GME Credentialing Coordinator at

Note: We are no longer accepting verifications via-fax if a fee is applicable.

  • Fees are waived for the first year after Tulane physician finishes their M.D. or postgraduate program, or for residents and fellows currently in postgraduate training at Tulane.
  • Fees are waived if the physician is currently serving in military, for governmental agencies, the American Medical Association (AMA), and HCA.
  • Fax Requests are accepted for non-pay requests only. All other requests require payments before we will release the credentialing information.
  • Requests will be processed in the order they are received.

Request Categories: (All Requests to a 3rd party must have a signature authorizing GME to release your information)

  • State Board Licensures (Medical License Forms) with or without the following attachments:
    • Dean's Letter, certified diploma, or transcript - $20.00 ($30 if a notary seal is required in addition to the school seal)
  • Individual or Other Non- State Board Licensures
    • Dean's Letter - $10.00 for the first address and $5.00 for each additional address
    • Diploma or Post Graduate Certificate certification - $5.00
    • Transcripts - $10.00 for the first address and $5.00 for each additional address
    • Verifications for Employers - $20 ($30 if a notary seal is required)
    • Genealogical Research – Standard $20 fee
    • FedEx – The GME office will FedEx materials for $30 for overnight delivery, or $25 for 2-day FedEx delivery. If available, you may choose to submit your own FedEx mailing label.
  • Graduate Medical Education is the primary contact for Verification of Post Graduate training, 4 year MD Degrees and transcripts. Uptown Registrar's Office handles all other verifications not listed above.
  • Many physicians are being verified through the National Student Clearinghouse. NSC is not affiliated with Tulane SOM Grad Med Educ Dept; therefore, our separate GME's fees will apply.
  • M D's and Post Grad's after first year of graduation, must mail their requests to us with the required fee.
  • We cannot honor initial request & subsequent requests if the required fee does not accompany the request.
  • We will provide your requested verification within 3 weeks from the time we receive the requests and the payment.

Our Graduate Medical Education Department is updating our website and we are creating some better features available in the near future. Stay Tuned !



1430 Tulane Ave, New Orleans, LA 70112 504-988-5464