Dual Degree: Master of Social Work and Juris Doctor

The MSW/JD program is particularly suited for students with an interest in the law as well as social work. Graduates may work in forensic social work; juvenile justice; corrections; child advocacy; legislative advocacy; and public policy. Students who plan to primarily practice law benefit from a social work education in working with families and couples, victims of domestic violence, and other groups and individuals whose legal issues have strong psychosocial correlations.

Program Structure
A separate application must be submitted to each of the school and applicants must meet the requirements for admission to each school. The point of entry to this dual degree program is the School of Social Work in the first (Fall) semester. Students continue in social work until the second semester (Fall II), at which time they are in Law School full-time through the Spring II semester. Students return to Social Work in Summer II semester, continuing through Fall III to complete their MSW coursework in December.  Students continue in Law School through four (4) more semesters thereafter to complete all requirements for the Juris Doctor. Both degrees (MSW and JD) are conferred at the end of the four-year program after the requirements for both degrees have been completed.

MSW/JD Curriculum Structure

For more information
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