Group Competition

A great way to get people involved in service is to challenge them to a competition!  

There are some helpful tips to get your competition started

1.  Who are you challenging?

Regional alumni clubs, reunion years, Greek organizations, academic departments, parent groups.  You can challenge another group directly or participate in the Cowen Service Challenge Group Competition against other service groups.

2.  What will your challenge be?

Are you going to see who has the greatest number of total service hours or number of volunteers?  This the challenge going to be based on service on  a particular day or for a certain time period?

3.  Where are you volunteering?

There are a lot of great resources to help you find meaningful service opportunities in New Orleans and around the country.  Your group competition does not have be limited to one geographic area.

4.  Why register your group competition?

By registering your group competition,  we can help you with the progress of your challenge.  Four time a year,  we can provide you the number of volunteers and the hours served for your group.  These reports will be made available after Thanksgiving, New Years and Mardi Gras, and at the end of the challenge.  By registering your challenge,  we know to look for your group's hours and let you know how things are going.

5. How do we report hours?

Using the reporting forms already created for the challenge,  participants can enter hours through the individual form or the group form.  

If group members are going to enter their own hours using the individual form, they need to let us know that they are completing this as part of your group.   In the activities details section of the form,  they will be asked "Did you complete this service as part of a recognized student organizations or university group?"   Make sure they are all using the same group name.

If one person will be entering the information for group activities on the group form,  they will need to use the same group name for the first question on the form: Group Name.

Your group can enter hours using both forms.  You do not have to pick one format over the other.  Please do not duplicate submission.

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