Web Identity

Building web pages ...

To present a consistent, professional image, it is imperative that all Tulane University websites clearly establish their connections to the university. The following elements apply to all web pages that provide official information about Tulane.

Website Requirements

1. University logo in header:

  • Must be at the top left of the content area.
  • Size must be 180 x 62 pixels.
  • Link the logo to and add "Return to Tulane website" in the alt image field.
  • Exception: Schools and major divisions may use an official logo for the school or division as developed by University Communications & Marketing.

2. Page background color: Tulane Green #00331A (exclusive of the content area). Content area width should be 850 pixels.

3. Department or site name in header: Tulane CMS users must use one of the Department Name header layout options provided. The font size and color cannot be altered and no graphics may be added to the header. Users still waiting to move into the CMS should format the department name as shown in the templates linked at the bottom of this page.

4. Contact footer: Basic contact information for the responsible department including phone number and either a physical or mailing address. A generic e-mail address for the department, e.g.,, is highly recommended.


Send an e-mail to

  1. Name of e-mail (e.g.,
  2. Display Name (e.g., Public Relations)
  3. Name of Tulane employee primarily responsible

Ignore the reply message you receive. Technology Services will get back to you.


Formatting Information

The following information is provided for your reference. The Tulane CMS uses these fonts and colors by default, but advanced users can provide a custom style sheet in consultation with University Communications & Marketing to override these settings.

Fonts used on the Tulane University home page:

  • Content & navigation: Arial
  • Headings & subheads: Georgia
  • Subsite navigation bars: Arial Black, Regular, 12, Crisp

Colors used on the Tulane University home page:

  • Outer page background: Tulane Green #00331A (required)

  • See also RGB color codes
  • Primary web colors (provided for your reference):



 Tulane Green  #00331A


 Tulane Blue  #224568

  • Secondary web color palette provided for your reference (NOTE: The following colors are websites only. These are not colors for print reproduction and do not have Pantone-matching system equivalents):


 Oak Leaf  #006633


 Green Parrot  #99CC66


 Avenue Blue  #336699


 Audubon Dawn  #E5F2FF


 Wave Mist  #CCE4D9


 Spanish Moss


 Fountainbleu  #4388CC


 Gibson Stone  #EBF4E1


 Cane Sugar  #AD8938



There are different template requirements depending on whether a department is academic or administrative in nature. For each option, click screen shot to see a preview of the design. Choose download for a zip file of a sample html page, template for Dreamweaver or Contribute, images, style sheet and instructions.

Administrative departments — with navigation bar and search box

Academic departments, including schools and colleges — with optional search box

Department name:

  • Font= Georgia; max size of 24pt
  • Link Department Name to department home (index) page for all subsites.

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