Dinner is served

August 29, 2012 6:28 PM

Kathryn Hobgood Ray

students in Bruff Commons

Tulane students enjoy a hot meal in Bruff Commons after a long day and night of hunkering down.

Resident advisors help serve pies

Resident advisors pitch in to help serve a hot meal to the students.

serving food

A line of pies awaits the first wave of students to visit Bruff.

students eating in Bruff

The menu included grilled chicken (and a vegetarian option), asparagus, green beans, mashed potatoes, and an assortment of pies.

Stefan Brozobich (left) and Stephen Strateman

Stefan Brozobich, left, and Stephen Strateman were among those students who sheltered in place.

President Cowen greets students

Tulane President Scott Cowen greets students in the dining hall.

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