Student’s passion brings dreams to life for children with disabilities

December 13, 2012 11:00 AM

Joseph Halm

Since she was 15, Lisa Baker has worked to help adults and children with disabilities. Thanks to her professional project at the Tulane School of Social Work, she was able to advance her passion. Baker is one of 85 master of social work graduates who will receive their diplomas on Friday (Dec. 14).


Lisa Baker

Lisa Baker, a Highlands Ranch, Colo., native, is one of 85 master of social work students set to graduate on Dec. 14. Through her field placement, she organized a “Lose the Training Wheels” camp for children with disabilities. (Photo by Joseph Halm)

A big part of her education centered on organizing a “Lose the Training Wheels” camp through her field placement with Families Helping Families of Jefferson.

“It was really successful, and we were fortunate to have a lot of community and agency support to pull the event together in such a short period of time,” Baker says.

The camp, which was held in July, focused on teaching children with disabilities to ride a two-wheel bike unassisted. Of the 25 participants, 22 were independent riders at camp’s end while the remaining three were nearly there.

“It was the most amazing week,” she says. “To be able to hang out with these kids and see them make all these great strides and to see the volunteers connect with the kids, it was really an emotional week.”

Baker says the project was a great learning experience as she was involved with all aspects from event organizing to fundraising to finding volunteers to gaining media coverage to producing public service announcements.

“We got to be really involved with the process and work closely with different campers,” she says. “It was the best thing that I could have spent that much time working on.”

After graduation, Baker added she might work as a floor supervisor for “Lose the Training Wheels” camps across the nation.

“Wherever I end up, I’ll be working in some capacity with people with disabilities. I don’t really care what else I do as long as I’m working with that population.”

Joseph Halm is marketing/communications coordinator for the Tulane School of Social Work.

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