Visualizing Tulane in Louisiana

October 22, 2013 10:00 AM

New Wave staff

Did you know that last year Tulane University was awarded more than $63 million in research funding from the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation, surpassing every other university in the state? Or that the Tulane School of Medicine provides health care in places like Ruston, Alexandria, Lafayette and Baton Rouge, La.?

Map showing Tulane students from Louisiana parishes

This map from the government and community relations website shows the spread of Tulane students, alumni and employees from parishes across Louisiana.

The university’s connection with the people of Louisiana has been a part of its mission since its rather atypical founding, says Sharon Courtney, Tulane vice president for government and community relations.

In 1884 the Louisiana legislature granted control of the University of Louisiana to the newly formed Board of Administrators of the Tulane Education Fund, renaming it the Tulane University of Louisiana. With its roots as a state institution, and established, literally, by an Act of Congress, Tulane has always been intricately involved in higher education, public service and health care throughout Louisiana, Courtney says.

“Often underestimated, the impact and extent of Tulane’s service outside of the New Orleans area can be difficult to quantify,” Courtney says. “With a reputation as a highly competitive nationally ranked research university that attracts the best students from all over the world, Tulane’s commitment to the citizens of Louisiana has sometimes been overlooked.”

To assist policymakers at the local, state and federal level and to educate the general public about the extent of the university’s activities within the state, the Office of Government and Community Relations has created interactive maps online.    

“Visitors can now visualize, for example, the numbers of Tulane students who come from the various parishes or congressional districts of the state,” Courtney says. Selecting an individual parish on a map will show the number of current students, alumni and employees there.

Other maps show the locations throughout the state where the medical school delivers healthcare services and recent federal research awards.

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