The Insider: Move-in essentials (Part 2)

August 16, 2013 9:00 AM

Alicia Duplessis Jasmin

In last week’s Insider, we called for your recommendations for things that should and should not be brought to campus during move-in day on Aug. 24. Parents, students and staff replied with items that didn’t make our list, as well as a few intangibles that definitely are worth adding.


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Below is a compilation of the most popular items submitted by New Wave readers. Revisit part one of The Insider: Move-in essentials to see the original list.

Bring this
An address book
If your cell phone is ever lost or stolen, it’s a good idea to have current phone numbers and addresses on paper.

A bike and U-lock
Biking around campus is easy, fast and fun.

Bug spray/mosquito repellant
Louisiana is known for its healthy mosquito population.

Common sense
Be aware of your surroundings. Lock your room, apartment or house every time you leave.

Disinfectant spray and hand sanitizer
Lots of people plus lots of germs make for a busy flu season.

Leave that
Family heirlooms or valuables
Don’t bring your grandmother’s pearls or your grandfather’s Rolex.

Mom and Dad
Leave them behind, but take their rules with you.

The notion that no one will find out
Social media is the biggest tattle you’ll ever know.

Cooking appliances
Did you know that microwaves and toasters are prohibited? Contact Housing and Residence Life for details.

Some fish are okay. Cats, dogs, mice, gerbils, iguanas and snakes are not. (This is not an all-inclusive list of prohibited pets).

Visit the Housing and Residence Life website for more move-in day tips. The office can also be reached by phone at 504-865-5724.

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