The Insider: Alumnus enjoys astrology

July 19, 2013 9:00 AM

Alicia Duplessis Jasmin

During his first year of college, Daniel Gordon dabbled in astrology and symbology. After learning to read astrology charts via a mail-order course, he practiced his craft by decoding the charts of his classmates.


In 1976, Gordon earned a bachelor's degree in business studies from Tulane University and he went on to work in the information technology field. Today, Gordon is putting his love for astrology to use by offering comprehensive horoscopes and charts through his website.

Q. How is astrology different from the work of tarot card readers in Jackson Square? 
A. Astrology is the study of the stars. The planets are objectively measured by degrees, including angular relationships both to each other and to the horizon line and meridian. Tarot cards are randomly drawn with subjective interpretations and only indicate the present moment.

Q. What are the general demographics of astrology clients?
A. The usual client for an astrologer is female and their questions have to do with personal development, love, money and advancement. Billionaires and think-tanks are more discrete in consultations.

Q. How can one differentiate between good astrology reports and newspaper horoscopes?
A. Newspaper horoscopes are rightly placed in the comics section, since it is for entertainment. A good astrology report is based upon a horoscope cast for a particular time and place.

Q. Has astrology been beneficial in your life?
A. The study of astrology helped me develop my higher mind with mathematics, helped sort out my confusion from multiple mystical studies, helped me identify many human states and the conditions that produce them in myself and in others, and has helped provide a path of spiritual freedom and enlightenment. Also, the advanced study of astrology in connection with market behaviors has been useful for trading in the stock market.

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