The Insider: Get focused (part 2)

May 23, 2014 8:45 AM

Alicia Duplessis Jasmin

If you missed last week’s advice from Tulane University School of Medicine alumnus and best-selling author Dr. Ned Hallowell (class of 1978), be sure to read part 1 of this series in which he shares advice designed for people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) that everyone can use.


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Part 2 of this list is sure to help you slow down as the world continues to speed ahead.

Take your time. A rule of modern life is that if you don’t take your time, someone or something else will take it from you. Guard your time jealously.

Close your eyes. When you are losing focus or feeling confused, the simple act of sitting back in your chair and closing your eyes can allow you to see clearly. It can restore focus and provide a new direction.

Draw a picture. Visuals clarify thinking. If you can’t draw well, simply doodle shapes and lines. The idea is to get past words.

Talk to yourself. Talking out loud to yourself can lead you out of confusion. Assuming you are in a setting that allows for this, simply talk out loud about the issue you are grappling with. Talking out loud engages a different part of the brain than thinking in silence.

Do what works. Some people focus better with music playing or in a noisy room. Some people focus better when walking or even running. Some people focus best in early morning, others late at night. There is no right way, only the best way for you. Experiment and discover what works for you.

Hallowell’s tips originally appeared in his monthly newsletter.

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