The Insider: Study tips galore!

April 26, 2013 9:00 AM

Alicia Duplessis Jasmin

While the end of classes on Tuesday (April 30) offers a bit of relief for Tulane University students, the hurdle of studying for (and passing) final exams still awaits.  To help with exam preparations, I’ve called on my friends in the Tulane Academic Advising Center and the Academic Success Center to offer their best advice on preparing for the tests ahead.


Take notes!

“Get a full night’s sleep before each final!” — Suni Vaz, science and engineering adviser

“Remember to eat well-balanced meals as you prepare. Loading up on quick junk food can lead to short spurts of energy, then cause crashing and feeling lethargic!” — Shanice Webb, liberal arts adviser

“Plan ahead. Develop a study schedule that starts now and adjust it as needed each day; you may not be able to accomplish everything you plan. When this happens, try not to waste time getting anxious or frustrated. Just make adjustments to maximize the time you have.” — Kendra Klebba, public health and sciences adviser

“Give yourself enough time to study and finish your papers; don’t put things off until the last minute; and try to ignore the fact that it’s Jazz Fest.” — Eva Hughes, liberal arts adviser

“Set timers while studying and again for study breaks.” — Lisa María Rhodes, liberal arts adviser

 “Study in 'sprints' instead of a 'marathon' session, to work with your brain, not against it.” — Michele Oelking, assistant director, academic advising for special populations.

“Be intentional about breaks and use opportunities to recharge by exercising or doing another kinesthetic activity.” — Bert Ellison, sciences adviser
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