dd September 16, 2014


SAY CHEESE — Junior safety Darion Monroe takes a celebratory selfie with a fan following the Green Wave’s victory over Southeastern Louisiana on Saturday (Sept. 13) in Yulman Stadium on the Tulane University uptown campus.

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Signing of the Constitution

Constitution Day Lecture

Wednesday, Sept. 17, 11:30 a.m.

Tulane Law School professor Stephen Griffin will present “What Do We Want from the War Powers Debate?” at Weinmann Hall in the Marian Mayer Berkett Multipurpose Room on the uptown campus. Constitution Day is a perfect time to explore the balance of power between the Commander in Chief and Congress. Griffin’s book, Long Wars and the Constitution, argues that better decisions about war-making result when the executive and legislative branches work closely together — even in an era when the two seem deeply antagonistic. Griffin, whose work brings together law, history and political science, teaches constitutional law and history of the U.S. Constitution.


Campus Spotlight

News about the new stadium on the Tulane campus.

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Only at Tulane. Only in New Orleans.

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