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This past spring was the GESS special topics course “Radical Pedagogy,” a radical experiment in free thought, engaged learning, intentional conversation, and queer pedagogy. Doing away with the traditional hierarchy of the professor/student model, each student enrolled in this course is challenged to both teach and learn from their peers. Find here a link to the ‘Zine the class created as part of their independent projects work.


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Department of Political Science
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The Gender and Sexuality Studies Program at Tulane offers a broad interdisciplinary investigation of gender and sexuality as social, cultural, and political phenomena. The program offers a Major and Minor in addition to a Graduate Certificate. Students may choose from over forty courses taught by faculty from fourteen academic departments, four other SLA programs, and four Tulane University Schools.


Victoria Hesford, Feeling Women’s Liberation (Duke, 2013)

Gender and Society had this to say about the book: Feeling Women’s Liberation makes important contributions to our understandings of the history of the U.S. women’s movement and will be of interest to scholars and students of feminist studies, history, sociology, and those curious about the relationships between mass media and social movements. Illuminating the production of emotion within our collective memories of women’s liberation, Hesford’s intervention answers lingering questions regarding caricatures of feminists past and present, such as how these images were created and why they produced such strong feelings. The author unearths the unease that feminists elicited around dominant categories of race, gender, and sexuality and how the mass media and movement participants responded. The book deconstructs the powerful narratives that conceive of a complex movement as either a success or failure and also points to the complexity and endurance of feminism.

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