Program for Bridge Research Support

Tulane University Program for Bridge Research Support

Objective: To sustain competitively funded research projects that have temporarily lost extramural support.

The Bridge Program provides one-time support to eligible Principal Investigators to assist with re-establishing external funding. A primary objective of the Program is to keep experienced research teams together; thus, priority will be given to retain project staffing temporarily.

Who is Eligible: Bridge support is intended for those Principal Investigators who have experienced a significant reduction from extramural sources, and who can reasonably anticipate regaining competitive support in the upcoming year. 

Priority is given to those Principal Investigators who meet the following criteria:

• They received continuous extramural funding from peer-reviewed sources during the five years preceding their request.

• They have lost, or will lose most of their extramural funding during the current fiscal year.

• They can reasonably anticipate re-establishing funding.

Consideration will also be given to Principal Investigators who received high scores in the peer-review of a recent federal grant proposal that was not awarded. In this case, evidence of scoring and reviewer comments should be included with the application.

Expense Categories Eligible for Assistance:

  • Salaries/Benefits for research support personnel
  • Supplies and Equipment
  • Animal Care

Bridge Program support may not be used for:

  • PI and co-PI salaries (including Summer salaries)
  • Travel
  • Budget overdrafts on other projects
  • Administrative Costs

Awards: Awards will be made in consultation with an internal review committee and with academic Deans. Available funding is limited.


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