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Student Testimonials

"My grade dramatically improved (from working with a Peer Educator)." – Rachel, Class of 2016

"(Working with a Peer Educator has given me) a better understanding of class material and confidence for in-class examinations." – Chris, Class of 2016

"Extra help can be so good! It's much less stressful!" – Emily, Class of 2016

"My GPA increased by an almost unreal amount because of the accountability that I gained."

"I have decided on a major and a minor."

"It provided me with the necessary confidence to stick with tough classes."

"My coach has made it possible for me to trust my abilities and not give up allowing me to reach my goals of doing well in classes and getting through my first semester." - Lyle, Class of 2013

"It helped to clarify major and possible jobs or internships." - William, Class of 2013

"She has helped me see what goals I need to accomplish and how I should go about accomplishing them based upon my personal needs, desires, and learning style." - Sabrina, Class of 2013

"It has impacted my academics greatly. Before working with my coach I had a 3.3, this semester I got a 4.0."

"I have gained a lot of confidence in myself. I am a lot more organized, manage my time well, have good methods for studying and taking notes, have a schedule." - Sadie, Class of 2012

"It improved my grades a lot."

"It has helped me to become a more responsible person in general, which of course has implications for my personal goals." - Parker, Class of 2011

"My coach has helped me reduce my stresses outside of college and therefore helped me focus on my work without outside distractions and has been a great impacting figure on my happiness!"

 "My GPA and academic productivity has increased significantly since I have started meeting with a Success Coach." - Madison, Class of 2011

"Working with the success coach has provided me a great outlet to go to with any academic or well-being issues. I enjoy the tutoring and supplemental instruction for academics, but it was incredibly helpful to discover strategies and hints to assist throughout the semester and to have a bond with a staff member."

 "This is my best semester yet!!! If finals go well, I should end up with all A's! :)"

"I have ALWAYS had the goal of overcoming my time-management problems, since they have been a burden on me throughout my entire life. Imagine feeling as if you were trapped underwater, with a chain around your ankle connected to a heavy weight. Your whole life, you've been struggling to break the chain and swim to the surface so that you can breathe. Finally, you gather enough strength to break off the chain and break the surface of the water, filling your lungs with oxygen. That feeling of relief, as if your life was just saved, is how I feel now after my experience with my success coach." - Julia, Class of 2011

 "I have gotten A's on all of the tests that I went to my Peer Educator for, when I felt completely lost before meeting with him. Thank you so much for all of the help."

"The Peer Educator has helped break down complicated concepts into simpler, more understandable concepts. His use of illustrations on the board as well as step-by-step descriptions have been extremely helpful.  He has made me feel more confident with the material presented on class. His sessions are extremely helpful, especially in terms of preparing for exams.  He really knows what he is talking about and how to relate that to students who are struggling with complicated concepts." 


Tulane Academic Success Center-1st Floor, Science & Engineering Lab Complex, Bldg #14 - 504-865-5103