March 15, 2013

Good Morning:

In November I announced the exciting news that Tulane would be moving to the Big East Conference in 2014. Since that time there has been further realignment among the country's leading conferences, including this week's agreement that the basketball schools known as the Catholic 7 will form their own league using the Big East name. This move, which was apparently under discussion before Tulane accepted the invitation to join the Big East, has not diminished our commitment to or excitement for the future of Tulane athletics within the new conference. The new conference is made up of universities that share our academic mission and values. In this new league, our student-athletes will have the opportunity to play on a larger and more competitive national stage, which will better showcase their talent while also ensuring the financial stability of our athletics program through TV rights, increased ticket and merchandise sales and other revenue streams associated with Yulman Stadium.

We will also have the opportunity to select a name for the conference that will reflect the quality and personality of our member schools. Conference realignment in college sports can be a complex, confusing, frustrating and perilous undertaking that requires much forethought, planning and vision. With the guidance of our Athletics Director Rick Dickson, Tulane has been able to position our athletics program on an upward trajectory to be more successful athletically, academically and financially. Joining a new, more competitive conference comprised of well-respected universities from major metropolitan areas, coupled with the significant investments we have made in athletics facilities and academic programming for student-athletes, will ensure increased exposure and stability for all of our sports. It will also make Tulane even more attractive to the nation's most talented and academically qualified student-athletes. 

Have a great weekend,


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