The Insider: Alumnus in the White House

October 25, 2013 8:45 AM

Alicia Duplessis Jasmin

He isn’t the president of the United States, but Michael Hochberg, a 2012 Tulane University graduate from West Orange, N.J., has made it to the White House — as an intern. In a talk with the Insider from behind White House gates, Hochberg shares details about how he landed the job.

Michael Hochberg

Michael Hochberg, a 2012 graduate who majored in political science, is interning at the White House.

How did you apply to the internship?
There was an online application. There were essays, short answers and letters of recommendation required. I was notified a few months after I applied that I was selected for the internship program.

What are your duties?
I help process email and phone correspondence in the Office of Presidential Correspondence. I also compile reports that have been sent to White House staff. These reports are used to inform the President of the thoughts and concerns of the American people, as expressed to the White House.

How did your Tulane education prepare you for this position?
The critical thinking skills I attained at Tulane help me a great deal in my work at the White House. During my undergraduate degree at Tulane, I frequently had to gather, analyze and translate varied data into meaningful and comprehensible accounts. My current position requires me to use my judgment, analyze sensitive information, and assemble data into easily digestible reports.
What are your career plans?
I would like to pursue a career that straddles public policy, the private sector and academia. I prefer to evaluate opportunities as they come and make decisions in real time, so I am not inclined to limit myself with a specific, long-term, grand goal.
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